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Ludwig Alejandro Mondragon by XxLuvDarkMusicxX
Ludwig Alejandro Mondragon
So this is my character. His name is on top. He is a character for my story Shadowed Life.

DOB: Nov. 10
Ethnicity: German-Spaniard 
Rin Okumura by XxLuvDarkMusicxX
Rin Okumura
So this drawing I drew a long time ago but I just recently coloured it. 

Artwork done in coloured pencils 

Rin Okumura belongs to Kazue Katō

Feel free to fav and comment
The Blue Flower by XxLuvDarkMusicxX
The Blue Flower
So this is an OC of mine. I have drawn him before. It is Demyan. :D

Artwork is done in crayons. 
Draw it Again!! Character J by XxLuvDarkMusicxX
Draw it Again!! Character J
So this is so!!! old, but I am proud of my improvement from March to July of last year. YAS! 

My character Jón Ívar Adalsteinnson
Akane by XxLuvDarkMusicxX
This one was done a while ago. I really like how his hair came out.

My charcter

Done in Coloured pencils 


XxLuvDarkMusicxX's Profile Picture
Stephanie Lopez
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Guten Tag!!! Just another goth girl who luvs to draw anime and dark, gory pictures.
Serious most of the time
Love Heavy metal and dark art

I have a tumbler now and if you wish follow me here is the link --->

((I also RP as Germany (aka Ludwig Beilschimidt). He has now become a huge part of my RP life which has only been a few months. I will Rp with anyone, but i must warn you i don't DON'T RP any smut. I just can't... it is too wird for me .____. ))

((I can also do England and his 2p! But Germany is more common from me))

  • Mood: Bemused
  • Listening to: Oomph!- Such mich, Find mich
  • Reading: the screen
  • Watching: You read this (jk)
  • Eating: chips
  • Drinking: Coke
So I was tagged by this woman right here ---> :iconwolverinepanda:

This Is a voice meme and I am sorry for sounding awkward and ahhh.... don't judge me please. If you hear anything in the background it was my bro and sis. This was so weird for me haha

The song that played was by Oomph!. Here is a link to their song.…

Alright you humans these are the instructions:

1. say at least one thing about the person who tagged u's voice
2. if u don't feel comfortable speaking, just type out ur answers!
3. if u wanna skip any questions,  that's also fine

The link to my voice:…

1. Say your username
2.Say your name/whatever you go by
3. is the language your speaking in currently your first language?
4. If not, say something from your first language
5. Now just say something from any language!
6. what are you doing now?
7. favorite food/drink?
8. why?
9. favorite animal?
10. why?
11. say the word "bourgeois"
12. What tv shows do you watch?
13. Whose your favorite character from that show?
14. say something that character would!
15. Do you play video games?
16. Which ones?
17. favorite pokemon?
18. Say that pokemons name like the pokemon would.

1. Describe your art style
2. What do you like about it?
3. What do you want to change?
4. What are you most proud of?
5. Any idols? Who?
6. Favorite thing to draw!
7. Least favorite thing to draw?
8. Favorite colors to color with?
9. What software do you use?
10. How long have you been drawing?

1. What type of music do you listen to?
2. What makes you like that type so much?
3. Go to itunes/youtube, wherever you keep your music
3 (cont) press "shuffle", sing along with the first song that pops up!
4. How do you think your voice sounded?

1. any favorite words?
2. least favorite?
3. say "moist"
4. grab the closest thing to you
5. Make a radio commercial with that item, go!
you can post recordings on soundcloud and other sites. I think soundcloud has a recording system too, but i use audacity, which you can download free

I sounded so weird... I am sorry haha I tag you people

:iconanimeartistren: :iconemberrose123:

If any of you wish to do it go right ahead. ^^

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