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Sticker Collage by XxLuvDarkMusicxX
Sticker Collage
Alright so I started to make hand drawn sticker. They are drawn on an index card and coloured with Prisma coloured pencils. I sell them for $2 each. I send them through the mail.


Deadman wonderland: Shiro Chibi
Els word MMO: Diabolic Esper Add 
(Belong to respective owner)

Middle: OC Miles (Belongs to me)

Right: Twin OCs (Belong to respective owner)

If anyone is interested note me :)
SAO: Asuna Yuuki by XxLuvDarkMusicxX
SAO: Asuna Yuuki
I am not really into SAO. it had potential. I cannot deal with the story line, it makes me cringe. I still drew it though, why? because a friend asked and I couldn't say no. Don't hate me for not liking it. 

SAO belongs to Reki Kawahara
Black Butler: Sebastian Underwater by XxLuvDarkMusicxX
Black Butler: Sebastian Underwater
I haven't drawn anything black butler in a long time so here is Seba-chan

This is from chapter... i forgot the chapter, but it was the Ship Voyage arc which was fucking awesome 

Art is done by me 
original is by Yana Toboso
Subscribing to Comic!! by XxLuvDarkMusicxX
Subscribing to Comic!!
So I have started my comic shadowed Life and here is the link for it…

Check it out!!
Shadowed Life by XxLuvDarkMusicxX
Shadowed Life
So this is my story . Shadowed Life. 

 The story takes place during the late 2040s as the world is at war against each other again. There are the Super-Humans and then there is the Super Intelligence. Many countries taking a side and others staying neutral. The protagonist is a girl by the name of Sonia Alazne Mendiola. She is a Spaniard-American, father is Spaniard and mother is American. Her father is one of the richest scientists in America named Efraín Roldán Mendiola. As a rich girl under serious protection, she was never ment to see war, but an unwanted circumstance changed that. Will she be unable to see the horrors of war and go home? 

This story belongs to me and artwork is done by me. I am starting the story and I am drawing it out already. I will notify when I upload it to a website called Taptastic, but for now here is the cover art for it. It is done in coloured pencils and that is my main character Sonia. Age 14.


XxLuvDarkMusicxX's Profile Picture
Stephanie Lopez
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Guten Tag!!! Just another goth girl who luvs to draw anime and dark, gory pictures.
Serious most of the time
Love Heavy metal and dark art

I have a tumbler now and if you wish follow me here is the link --->

((I also RP as Germany (aka Ludwig Beilschimidt). He has now become a huge part of my RP life which has only been a few months. I will Rp with anyone, but i must warn you i don't DON'T RP any smut. I just can't... it is too wird for me .____. ))

((I can also do England and his 2p! But Germany is more common from me))

  • Mood: It's Hot
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So I haven't been uploading anything new on here and it is rare if I do. I probably have moved on. I still come on frequently to see any new artwork, but I do not upload a lot like I use to. I mostly upload on my Instagram @ roseofdarkness_17. I also have started live streams that I report on my Instagram. You can find my on PicartoTV with my username RoseofDarkness17. haha I should change it here, but I don't have the point for it. Should I make a new deviantart.... nah hahaha.
    I am also starting my story and have about a few pages drawn. I will give more details, but at least I have the cover for it. It isn't for anything important, it is a side project I have when I am not focusing on school work at the university. I have always had this story, but I never really did much with it until my Senior year of high school which was about 2 years ago since I have finished my Freshman year of college. How time flies by. Well this is the update I have haha. 

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